Are you interested in tackling challenges? Are you ready for new opportunities that the pharmaceutical industry offers?

We bring life-saving medications to millions of people and we are the leading innovative pharmaceutical company in Slovenia, at the intersection of the latest advancements in medicine and innovative digital technology. Join us and reimagine medicine with us. Our vision is to transform the lives of patients worldwide through revolutionary research.

Novartis conducts research in the following areas:

Manufacturing, Science, and Technology - Collaborators in this field introduce process and technical improvements and ensure technology transfer in collaboration with experts from development, production, engineering, supply chain, and other functions.

Engineering - Collaborators in this field, as production engineering technologists, are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the availability of production equipment, implementing technical and technological improvements, and participating in investment and other projects. You can explore areas such as automation, reliability, project work, or commissioning and qualification.

Production - Collaborators in this field ensure the quality execution and management of processes in the production of substances, intermediates, or products using state-of-the-art computerized technology.

Quality - Collaborators in the quality field are responsible for planning and conducting analytical studies (method development, verification, validation, and method transfer), participating in the development, implementation, and verification of compliance with the internal quality system, reducing risks related to product quality, and reducing the cost of poor processing.

Supply Chain and Logistics - Collaborators in these departments are in daily contact with Novartis units worldwide. They ensure the proper balance between supply and demand, establish and monitor the implementation of the optimal procurement plan, and aim to improve collaboration with both customers and suppliers of production capacities. They also lead, develop, and implement activities throughout the product lifecycle, from launch to discontinuation, for external clients.

What we offer:

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